You work with Denny’s field-based real estate team to identify ideal sites and obtain corporate site approval (see site guidelines).  We use sophisticated site analysis tools that help franchisees assess sites based on trade area demographics and competitive intelligence.

After your site is approved, you sign a site specific Franchise Agreement and begin developing your site.  Denny’s Design & Construction department can adapt the latest prototypical design to meet your site.  Our exterior sketches and floor plan layouts can be used by your architect to create construction documents, reducing your costs and streamlining the Denny’s approval process.  You oversee the build out of your site, working with Denny’s to ensure you adhere to our image standards and operational requirements.

Denny’s provides a 13-week management training program for you and your managers (as applicable) that cover all aspects of operating and managing a Denny’s restaurant.  We also provide a New Restaurant Opening (NRO) training crew that will assist in all areas of restaurant operations and in training your personnel.

Denny’s support team assists you as you prepare to open your store.  A field marketing manager will provide guidance as you plan a Grand Opening campaign and local store marketing. Congratulations on opening your Denny’s restaurant!


©2014 DFO, LLC 203 East Main Street, Spartanburg, SC 29319. This advertisement is not an offer to sell a franchise. The savings estimate of up to $1 million is based upon the potential savings of developing, opening and operating five Denny's restaurants under the New and Emerging Market incentive program, in comparison to developing, opening and operating five Denny's restaurants without the incentive program. The estimated savings include reduced royalty fees calculated using the $1,414,000 average unit volume of franchised Denny's restaurants nationwide in 2012 as published in Item 19 of Denny's 2013 Franchise Disclosure Document. Of the nationwide franchised outlets whose data was used in arriving at the 2012 franchised restaurant sales figure, 512 franchise units or 37% of the franchised restaurants actually attained or surpassed the indicated sales results. Individual restaurant sales performance will vary. There is no assurance that you will do as well or achieve the estimated potential savings. You must accept this risk. See Denny's Franchise Disclosure document for complete program details, including restrictions such as applicable geography and development time frames. Limited time only.

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